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    Cory S Powers

    Project Manager at Jackson and Associates

    Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, Cory S Powers attended his local high school before braving the Atlanta metropolitan area to pursue college at Ferris State University (FSU) located in Big Rapids, Michigan. Founded way back in 1884 as the Big Rapids Industrial School by Helen and Woodbridge Ferris, FSU became a state institution in 1950 and reached full state university level recognition 37 years later in 1987. Still today it provides educational opportunities of exceptional quality guaranteed to set its students on a path for success.


    Having graduated from FSU some time ago, Cory Powers hasn't stopped learning; he actively seeks out study materials and enrolls himself into courses that are essential to honing his existing skills as well as developing new ones. He is also an avid craftsman who loves nothing more than building and repairing things with his own two hands before sharing them with others just like him.